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How do you achieve flexible fitting?

First of all our experts recommend that you use the keys that are provided in the user’s pack. They are useful for extending the bolts from an unlocked position so that it is about 20mm from the case. On the first turn the distance increases to 35mm before reaching 70mm on the second turn.

How does drilling outside the key hold affect security?

Doing so removes the extra security benefits of garage door bolts that are operated from inside alone. Once you drill then you give the intruder a secondary level of access which they can use in order to compromise the building. This applies even where you have two doors with one key.

Why isn't my opener remote working after battery replacement?

Check the batteries to confirm that they are working. Then find out whether the remote has to be re-programmed after battery replacement. If re-programming does not work, there may be a problem with the wiring. The technicians of our garage door repair company in New Caney recommend that you test the opener as well using the wall button.

How to correct defective door opener controls?

A broken garage door control can be caused by defect in key switches, push buttons, remotes, induction loops, treadles, keyless entries and many other parts. The batteries being dead may be because of the remote not working properly. If this is checked and is in good condition, you need to get help from specialists at garage door repair New Caney to correct the defective door controls.

Can I use the same remote control?

It isn’t always possible to use the same remote control that you used for another garage door opener. If the frequency is not the same, the opener will not operate the door of your garage. Our experts help you locate the appropriate remote control.

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